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How do I recover my Blockchain wallet?

Jaxx Liberty is being retired.

The legendary crypto wallet is no longer supported by its developers.

It happened on March 27, 2023.

How do I recover my Blockchain wallet?

Transferring your Jaxx Liberty wallet to another compatible wallet is very simple. You don't need to send your digital assets – all you have to do is enter a 12-word Jaxx Liberty backup phrase into a reliable wallet platform like Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet to manage your cryptocurrency from there. Using a backup phrase in another wallet will be the only way to transfer digital assets.

How to restore a 12-word backup phrase:

While the application is active, you can perform the following actions in Jaxx Liberty to open and record a backup phrase of 12 words:

1. Press the menu button (three lines in the upper right corner).
2. Click “Security”.
3. Click “View backup phrase”.
4. Select “It's safe – no one else is looking”.
5. Write down a 12-word backup phrase in a safe place.

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